Irene (GR)

Greek singer / songwriter, IRENE ( Irene Parginos  ) is one of the most exciting voices in recent times. Although she studied Opera as a Lyric Soprano she kept her soulful sound under the influence of A. Franklin, Whitney Houston, Brandy, Laurin Hill (…), covered with the authenticity and emotion of her voice. Her music speaks through her life experiences, firstly placed at London’s alternative colorful music scene. 

After receiving three awards at Manhattan’s IMTA she released her breakout 2016 ‘ LIKE A RAINBOW’ single with Ian Ikon which was included in the global collection NOW 2016 ( Universal ). In addition, she collaborated with celebrated artists such as Anduze from Parov Stelar and MC Yinka in 2018 and she released three songs ‘ FAMILIAR’, ‘LIGHT IT UP’, ‘PIECE OF YOU’ ( via Hidden Track Records ). 

DEBUT ALBUM ‘TIME2LOVE’ IS OUT NOW! TIME2LOVE is an album based on Irene’s many influences and foregrounds her sensitivities. All the tracks embody reminiscent of the 00s R&B vocals, inspired by legends like Brandy and Aaliyah. The production has the signature of RSN, one of the music’s most influential artist and producer, who together with IRENE bridge the gap between cinematic soul, R&B classics, Hip Hop and contemporary music scene. TIME2LOVE is about the journey we make from love to toxic relationships and independence. IRENE’s journey goes through love to loneliness and shows how the reminisce of a past love may force to toxic old habits. 


Country: Greece
Music Genre: R&B