Molyneaux (GR)

Molyneaux (GR)

Molyneaux is an Athens based artist (singer/songwriter/producer). After years of music education in classical piano, guitar and vocals, she discovered the underground electronic sound from which she felt inspired to create her first album “Sorrow”.

The EP was released via Just Gazing Records on March 17th 2023 in digital format and later in physical format (limited edition cassettes). Since then “Sorrow” has been posted and praised by many culture websites and online radio stations, including NG Radio and Avopolis. Her album was officially presented at TVcontrolcenter (KET) on Thursday 27 April, in Athens. 

Molyneaux’s sound can be best described as “experimental pop”, with references in trip-hop and synth/darkwave music. She creates soundscapes and words to address past experiences and how these reconstruct her fractured present.

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Country: Greece
Music Genre: Experimental Pop