Monk X Sloth (GR)

Monk & Sloth is a producer-rapper duo from Athens, Greece with multiple influences and experimental styles. They cross through different styles of hip-hop music establishing their own unique sound. 

Born and raised in Palaio Faliro, Athens, Grandmaster Monk showed interest in music from a young age. Cultivated by his “Rocker” parents, he took up the guitar at the age of ten. With the electric guitar on his side and the great help of the internet, he broadened his musical horizons and eventually, after wanting to make music without the need of a band, bought his first sampler in 2014.

Sloth is an Athens-based young artist in his 20s, representing the south coast and stated at Palaio Faliro. There was no specific musical background to inspire him except greek rap, so he made his way to listen to music abroad kinda older at the age of 18. Since then his musical horizon jus’ expands, right now including Grunge, Trip hop, Funk, Rnb, Rap, a bit Doom n’ a bit Stoner

Monk x Sloth released 10 singles on their way to their 1st EP called “OBOMONKVSMEGASLOTH”. 

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