Nama Dama (CY)

Nama Dama (CY)

Nama Dama is the stage name of Cypriot-Ukrainian artist Anastasia Demetriadou. Growing up in Cyprus, she developed a massive interest for folk music and storytelling. After getting her degree in English language and translation and a short teaching career, she decided to abandon it and return to her true love, music. She created her solo act in 2019. Her first songs were performed with only piano and voice in small bars in Cyprus. After releasing her first EP ‘Confessions to my Songbird,’ she was determined to create her own band, but all attempts failed either due to bad timing or because she had a hard time finding the right people. After these attempts, she decided to take up live looping and bring her one-woman act to the next level. Today, she uses her multitasking skills to create a new genre she calls Pagan Soul. An amalgam of pagan folk patterns and intense vocals, woven together with soul-pop vocals and electronic elements. Her performances have a colorful, ritualistic character incorporating percussion, synths, recorder and vocals.

Country: Cyprus
Music Genre: World


Day 02 - 23 May 2024
22:00 - 22:25

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