Orovega (ES)

OROVEGA is a young singer, composer and producer of Spanish-
Sephardic origin, based in Madrid.

Combining all the arts, the artist has managed to create an eclectic
and complex imaginary, full of the most diverse cultural references.
The sources that nourish her project range from different roots
music, songbooks and popular lyrics, to the projects of contemporary
artists that inspire her.

Although her roots have led her towards the exploration of mestizo
sonorities, urban music is one of the fundamental pillars of her
project. A broad genre that acts as a context, an anchor of current
events, with rhythms and timbres that inevitably intervene in the
unique mix that constitutes OROVEGA’s music.

An artist with an enormous projection, who has been highlighted as
one of the new promises of the national Spanish scene in media
such as El Mundo, El País, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Playz, TeleMadrid, TVE,
etc.. Everyone who discovers her, is amazed with her proposal.


Country: Spain
Music Genre: Latin