Pink Vanity (GR)

Pink Vanity is an indie-rock band formed in the spring of 2020 by the brothers Konstantinos and Alexandros Krommydas.
In September of the same year, they dynamically introduce themselves to the Athenian audience with their debut single “Late Night Pleasures” a mixture of personal experiences and a look at what can happen during an impulsive night framed by fuzzy riffs, melodic vocals and feel good energy.
Or else, a secret Dionysian party on the edge of town.
In December 2020, Pink Vanity will release their second single, “Lost Perception”.
In June 2021 in collaboration with the label ” People Music” they release their first EP entitled “Foggy Shots”:

4 self-contained creations that simultaneously function as chapters of a larger story about the different mental states one might experience at a particular time. “Foggy Shots”, establishes their identity and receives warm reviews in Greece and abroad.
Their live performances have been described as “an intense party”, an outburst – and are already being mentioned. 

2022 Finds Pink Vanity in the studio, for the production of their next EP in collaboration with Alex Bolpasi who will edit their new work, while at the same time, they are planning a tour in the big cities of Greece.

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Country: Greece
Music Genre: Indie Rock