Puuluup (EE)

A pinch of surrealism, talharpa revival and neozombiepostfolk.
Puuluup was formed in 2014 by two enthusiasts Ramo Teder and Marko Veisson. Ramo Teder is an artist, multi-instrumentalist and a looping pioneer in Estonia. Marko Veisson has a background in anthropology.

They play talharpas – a traditional bowed lyre, popular in Northern Europe since the early middle ages and played on Western Estonian islands until the beginning of 20th century, when it was declared satanistic instrument and destroyed. However – talharpa acts rather strangely in the hands of Puuluup. It is electrified, looped, and often played in experimental techniques. It reminds the old tradition but definitely has another agenda as well.

The lyrics and melodies are a mixture of their musical memories and improvisation. The music may have a dancing beat, or resemble a dark film soundtrack, spy around in the chambers of ancient talharpa players, or travel to far-away lands. 

They play with music as well as they play with words singing in Estonian, adding words from other languages, or their own invented words. Live shows of Puuluup are enriched with elements of absurdly lovely choreography and dry humour.