Roberto ROMO (IT)

I am an Italian music lover, beatboxer, producer, dancer, and live performer 15+ years working with music. I’m very passionate about all things music-related with a big love for DJ Culture. I also wrote my degree thesis about DJ History, and I am a DJ myself. I collaborate with musicians from all over the world fusing my beatbox sounds with Afrobeat, UK Garage, House, Hip-Hop and bass music.

Here’s a demo from my last project: A beatbox sample pack. All the sounds that you hear in the demo have been recorded only using my voice – no synths, guitar, and other instruments added – just my voice. It’s been downloaded so far by over 7K music producers around the world.

The sample pack contains 700MB of forward-thinking futuristic beatbox sounds. It’s a multi-genre sample pack aimed at dance and urban music creators. Producers can download my sample pack for free here:

Here’s one of my recent songs featuring a singer from Nashville: Also, one of my recent songs, made together with DJ EKL reached the top 30 Breaks chart in June.

You can find more info about me here:

Country: Italy