Small Chanter (GR)

Small Chanter (GR)

Small Chanter is the alter ego of Gregory Psaltakos, singer of the Athenian blues rockers Mr. Highway Band, his personal and experiential music project.

His band moves on dark folk and country tracks, truly inspired by the American traditional music.

Small Chanter started the editing and recording of the material of “Chronicle Zer0” in 2018 (although the band has existence since 2015) at Orfeas Music Studio in Athens by Tassos Ioannidis, who also puts his signature on the production of the album. The mastering was done by Kosmas Boulakas. The album was released in 2021.

The first release of Small Chanter consists of 10 tracks, all with lyrics and music by Gregory Psaltakos, except for “She’s Got to Be” and “Pouring Rain” written by Giannis Afendras (Mr. Highway Band). On track “Guns ‘N” Wars” music is from “ta paidia kato ston kampo” – Manos Hatzidakis.

Οn december of 2020 Small Chanter presents the online concert “Dark Christmas”. Οn February 2022 he presented “Chronicle Zer0” a live performance in Athens venue Ilion plus, a sold out concert.

The artistic and musical personality of Small Chanter as well as his personal art direction and production constitutes spectacle audio-visual.






Country: Greece
Music Genre: Rock


Day 03 - 24 May 2024
21:30 - 21:55

Arch Club - Live Stage