Weronika Amelia Kijewska, known as WERA, is a polish composer, cellist, singer, bassist and street performer, currently living in Athens, member of duo Wera&Nick and Road Duck band. 

Weronika began studying music at the age of 7 at the Stanisław Moniuszko Music School in her hometown Wałbrzych.

She has studied culture and history of art, as well photography, but in the end, she chose music. She is the winner of the VII edition of Festival WSCHODY in Poland, has participated in many different projects like the polish folk band Saint Nicholas Orchestra and the instrumental post-rock cinematic septet SEKTA DENTA. 

Four years ago, while living in Iceland completely cut off from society, she began to create her solo project. She loves to create collages of sounds based on her looper and her voice. Weronika calls her project as an avant cello with a dreamy mixture of indie rock, jazz, folk classical and cinematic music.