Youth Valley (GR)

Youth Valley (GR)

Youth Valley, an Athens-based (Greece) indie band formed in 2019, seamlessly blends post-punk, dreamy pop, and shoegaze. Following their acclaimed self-titled EP (2020) and a 7-inch Vinyl double single for Make Me Happy Records (2021), they proudly present their debut album “Lullabies For Adults”, funded by fans via kickstarter, released in Summer 2023 in digital, Vinyl, and CD formats by Make Me Happy Records (Europe & Rest) and Shelflife Records (CA/ USA).

Youth Valley, initially a trio, now a five-member musical family, started in 2019. Their journey includes a hit single “Young Sad Lovers” – from their self-titled EP, which was also aired by Steve Lamacq on his show at bbc radio 6 and a notable opening act for ‘Bauhaus’ at Athens Release Festival 2022. Further, they performed at Death Disco Open Air Festival 2023 (Technopolis, Athens), sharing the stage with ‘Lebanon Hanover,’ ‘VNV Nation,’ and ‘Sad Lovers And Giants.’


Country: Greece
Music Genre: Indie


Day 02 - 23 May 2024
21:40 - 22:05

Arch Club - Live Stage