Yungnsad (GR)

Yungnsad (GR)

Introducing Yungnsad, the enigmatic alternative rap/emo-trap artist and founding member of the esteemed local artists’ collective, A X S. With a deeply introspective approach, Yungnsad has made a name for himself in the underground scene, propelled by his independent single “Mavroforemeni,” which created a buzz online and amassed over 300k streams. In 2022, he released his highly anticipated debut album, “Young and Sad (Part 1),” a powerful exploration of emotions and personal struggles.

Yungnsad’s music encompasses a range of styles, from raw and emotive emo trap to ethereal and ambient trap waves. However, it is with his latest single, “Jessy & Jane,” that he takes a bold step into a 00s Pop Punk revival. Infusing his unique sound with elements of nostalgic pop punk, Yungnsad delivers an electrifying track that pays homage to the genre’s heyday while injecting it with his own distinctive style.

With his evocative lyrics, captivating melodies, and the revival of 00s Pop Punk energy, Yungnsad continues to redefine the boundaries of alternative rap. His music creates a profound connection with listeners, offering solace in shared experiences. Stay tuned for the next chapter in his musical journey as he fearlessly pushes the boundaries of self-expression.

Country: Greece


Day 03 - 31 May 2023
22:15 - 22:45