Crafting Compelling Narratives in Music Marketing

  • 24/05 17:30 - 18:30
  • Innovathens Groundfloor

Crafting Compelling Narratives in Music Marketing

Just as words can wield great power, so can narratives shape perceptions, foster emotional connections, and drive engagement in music. Expertly crafted storytelling can captivate audiences and establish unique artist identities, cultivate authenticity, and build trust—essential for success in today’s competitive music industry.

Explore the art of storytelling in music marketing and discover the strategic narrative techniques industry professionals employ to drive meaningful connections and fan loyalty. Hear how these techniques transform standard marketing into powerful encounters, turning listeners into devoted fans and propelling music careers forward.

Moderator: Andrew Apanov (PL/US)

Andrew Apanov (PL/US)
Founder, Dotted Music
Chris Hocking (GR)
International Project Manager, MESO Events / Music Tech Europe Academy
Clémentin Diard (FR)
Co-Founder & CEO, Your Music Marketing
Magda Cholyst (PL)
Founder, Educator, Artist Coach & Process Designer, Artist in Bloom
Ariane Tamalet (FR)
A&R, Artist Manager, Filature Unity
John Papadimitriou (GR)
Account Manager