Showcase: Between Sky & Sea

  • 22/06 21:30 - 22:00

Showcase: Between Sky & Sea

Between Sky & Sea is an Ambient-Post Rock band from Athens, Greece. The duo was formed during 2018 by the guitarist Marios Christopoulos and the drummer Panagiotis Vrachiolidis. 
These two friends begin experimenting with music during high school as a gateway from their reality. Eventually, what was thought to be a high-school temperament turned to be their biggest passion. 

The two members have stated that expressing themselves throughout music was the best thing that could happened in their lives. By listening to their music someone could say that it is an existential introspection of life. In more details, they have attended some local gigs and festivals but sadly, they stopped abruptly due to the outburst of COVID-19. During this difficult time, they decided to record and release their first EP ‘’What Matters Most’’. 

The Ep reflects the importance of finding what matters most in one’s life and not being afraid of chasing it. It was released at 1st February 2021 and since then it has received favorable feedback from the post rock scene around the world, reaching the top 3 of musicinbelgium.

On October 8th 2021 they released their single ‘’Just A Feeling’’, featuring singer Anastasia Papadopoulou. At the moment, they are eager to start performing their EP live engaging with the audience. On top of that they are composing their new songs which will be featured to their new album, which will be released next year.