Showcase: Night in Athens (GR)

  • 24/05 00:20 - 00:45
  • Oddity Club

Showcase: Night in Athens (GR)

Tina Boleti is the name behind the Dark synth outfit Night in Athens (NIA).  She emerged from the DIY London punk scene in 2020, where she used to be a keyboardist in bands. Based in her East London room during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020, NIA began experimenting with electronic music writing and producing “to exorcise her demons”.  METROPOLIS was the debut EP in 2021. The songs contain that dark electro that swings along the circuit with punk, darkwave, and coldwave. She continued releasing recordings like 2022s CRIME SEEN which is a proto minimal-synth cult mixed with the analog synthwave tribe while also focusing on the preachings of the electroclash, across.  In a short span of less than two years, NIA has  played more than 40 gigs across Europe and has supported bands like the Covenant, Buzz Kull, Kontravoid, Harsh Symmetry, Kris Baha, and many more. Her 3rd album called Wasted Reflektions will be out in June 2024 on Wave Records.