Showcase: Rudy Roots (GR)

  • 31/05 22:15 - 22:45

Showcase: Rudy Roots (GR)

Rudy Roots is a group that loves black music and lyrical directness. 

With a core of west side, G-funk, jazz, soul, afrobeat sound and roots that spread throughout the African-American music culture, Rudy Roots form an explosive live mixtape set with original tracks and covers and different in rap themes. 

It all started in 2012, when guitarist Antonis Priftis met MC 2Delta, known as Diamantis Diamantakos, in Ikaria, and suggested to form a jazz hip-hop group with the drummer Vangelis Baliousi. A little later the group grew, with new members “Jovian Kid” Kostantinos Kilazoglou (keyboards / sampling), Spyros Nikas (saxophone), Giorgos Kostantinou (bass), Manos Anagnostopoulos (bass), Dimitris Emmanuel (percussion). 

This is followed by live performances in clubs and festivals throughout Greece (Athens B-Fest, Arvanitsa Forest Festival, etc.), the release of the albums “Live in Markopoulo” in 2015 and “IGEMONIA” (Black Athena / Cobalt) in 2019 and many collaborations. 

Today, completing 10 years in the field, Rudy Roots include one of the hottest names in the underground hip-hop scene of Athens, the MC-singer Vikkie, as well as the multi-talented Greek-Nigerian-British singer, actress and dancer Demelza.