The Future of Live Events

  • 23/06 11:00 - 12:30
  • Amphitheatre

The Future of Live Events

While the pandemic has forced many showcase and music festivals to close their doors and freeze their events, this situation created space to reconsider the nature of the business. Some chose to embrace the conditions of the pandemic and offer new formats and experiential experiences, such as virtual festivals, digital conferences and live broadcasts, while others reject this “new normal”, choosing to return with a bigger and better event in the hope that everything will return to normal in 2021.

Will the unique music festival experience be replaced by virtual festivals in the future? What dangers does this hold for the music sector and how open will generation Alpha be to digital experiences?

Moderation by Dino Lupelli

Dino Lupelli (IT)
General Manager / Music Innovation Hub
Thomas Machairas (GR)
Artistic Director - Fuzz Productions
Login Kochishki (MK)
Owner - Password Production
Nana Trandou (GR)
Managing Director - High Priority Promotions