The Perfect Pitch: Practical Skills Workshop

  • 23/05 15:30 - 16:45
  • Amphitheatre

The Perfect Pitch: Practical Skills Workshop

Do you have the perfect pitch? Join our Practical Skills Workshop to find out! Crafting a compelling pitch in your mind often feels straightforward, but delivering it effectively in front of an audience can be a different challenge altogether. This interactive workshop will guide you through the nuances of communicating your ideas succinctly and powerfully. With only 60 seconds to make your mark, you’ll learn to harness precision and impact in your delivery. Come prepared to actively engage, receive expert feedback, and sharpen your pitching skills in real-time.

Presented by HEMI Hub for Music Innovation

Limited availability. Pre-registration is required. Register here.

Moderator: Marili Randla (EE)

Marili Randla (EE)
Project Manager, Music Estonia
Dorina Stamou (GR)
Operations Lead, EIT Digital
Anna Zò (IT)
President, Music Tech Europe / COO, Music Innovation Hub
Sakis Triantafyllakis (GR)
Operations Excellence, Orfium
Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt (UK)
Innovation & Education, IMMF / Consulting Artist Manager
Lazaros Penteridis (GR)
Co-Founder & CEO, ComeTogether
Turo Pekari (FI)
Innovation and Business Development Executive, Music Finland