Thrax Punks (GR)

  • 24/06 22:55 - 23:50

Thrax Punks (GR)

Thrax Punkc are coming to prime us in their very own music style, combining Greek folk songs and melodies with modern psychedelic sounds and a street-punk attitude.
Their every live appearance goes beyond the limits of a “standard” rock concert, and this one will be no exception: set to make everyone dance, whether they enjoy endless headbanging inside smoke-filled underground venues, or like to attend summer marathon festivities. Because, as Thrax Punkc say themselves, music is a way of creating our own worlds to live in.

What do traditional carols from Thrace and the modern psychedelic street-punk music scene have in common? Thrax Punkc have managed to combine Thracian lyres with electric guitars, establishing themselves to date as a case worthy of study in the contemporary Greek music scene. Drawing their influences from acts as diverse as The Clash, and Rage Against the Machine, but also from legendary
rebetiko (Greek blues) artists such as Markos Vamvakaris, the band improvises with an effortless mastery, and all the while making something, that until recently seemed unheard of, come across as the most natural thing in the world.

Armed with their gaidas (bagpipes), daoulis (davuls), bows, drums, and six-stringed instruments, they released their first self-titled full-length album in 2019, and a few years earlier christened their debut EP “Punkopanhgyropsychedeleia” (which roughly translates as “Punkfetepartypsychedelia”) – a name that also serves as a good description of what it is they do.
During the pandemic, the band worked with the Onassis foundation to come-up with the first of Stages A/Live sessions, a filmed concert (
7g) behind closed doors, broadcasted internationally, aiming to keep the fire of live music burning, when all live venues were sealed.

They also set afoot creating the soundtrack for Evripidis ancient tragedy “Vakches”, a masterful epic which was presented live at the most prestigious ancient theatres in Greece, including the landmark venues of Epidavros and Irodion in Acropolis. Renown for their explosive live performances and socially-alert attitude, Thrax Punkc is probably the most energetic ambassador of Greece’s thriving neo-folk music scene.