Adamantios Kafetzis (GR)

Founder - Teranga Beat Label

Over recent years Adamantios Kafetzis has become an avid collector of African music, a passion which has ultimately led him to visit Senegal many times in the last 19 years, obsessively investigating the sound, searching out and collecting vinyl, and on the whole, educating himself in Senegalese/African music, both past and present.

Adamantios has keen interest in re-forming some of the groups that made music he has come across for live performance and recording. Although he is not only interested in music from the past but equally interested in presenting the Senegalese/African music of today… aiming to combine elements of the past with the present. He reformed the legendary band of SAHEL from the ‘70s and made a European Tour in 2012 were they played at WOMEX Festival. The latest project is the DIEUF-DIEUL de Thiès, a mythic group from the ‘80s, releasing two albums of them and setting up a European Tour for 2017. The last 2 years the interest of the label was expanded first to Ethiopia with the release of the YISHAK BANJAW album and recently to Greece with the releases of the KYRIAKOS SFETSAS  – Greek Fusion Orchestra Vol.1 and Vol.2 albums and the creation of the orchestra to perform live for their first time ever in front of the audience. In 2018 the label visited WOMEX with the group EVRITIKI ZYGIA, a powerful traditional band from Thrace, the land of Orpheus! In March 2020 their first album released with very positive feedback from the media around the world.

Country: Greece