Aggelos Kleitsikas (GR)

Aggelos Kleitsikas (GR)

Communications Manager Athens Music Week /Music Journalist at

Angelos Kleitsikas grew up in an apartment in Egaleo, immersed from a young age in the music world. Fortunately, he realized early on that he had no talent for a musical instrument, so he channeled all his love for music into listening and writing. Since 2015 he has been practicing the art of music journalism as a passion, writing for the largest music media in Greece (, while his articles have also been published in SONIK, Lifo and the Greek Rolling Stone. In his “normal” life he plays again with the power of words, working in the field of communication. He is currently in Technopolis and the current event, Athens Music Week.

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Country: Greece


Day 04 - 1 June 2023
11:00 - 12:00
Μουσικοκριτικοί και μουσικοκριτική: Πόσο απαραίτητος είναι ο ρόλος τους την εποχή του streaming;