Ahmetcan Taşdemir (TR)

Ahmetcan Taşdemir (TR)

Founder of Gülbaba Music and Gülbaba Records

Ahmetcan Taşdemir is the founder and managing director of Gülbaba Music and Gülbaba Records. He studied Business Administration in Galatasaray University where he organised his own international music festivals. He worked for Doublemoon Records until 2010 as an artist and tour manager and worked with some of the most alternative musicians of Turkey.  He is specialised on Anatolian Pop & Rock sounds. He is also the artist manager of Melike Şahin, Hey! Douglas and the living legend Selda Bağcan.

Country: Turkey


Day 04 - 1 June 2023
13:10 - 13:20
Gulbaba Music & Records