Alexandros J. Stanas (GR)

Arts Policy & Management expert

He holds a BA in Business Administration from the Athens University of Economics & Business and an MA in Arts Policy and Management from City University – London. He worked as an executive or advisor within various organizations and realized numerous cultural events, emphasizing in contemporary arts. He organized, among others, the Retrospective of Gilbert & George in Athens, the Outlook International Contemporary Art Exhibition in the framework of Cultural Olympiad and various participations of Greece in international events (such as the Venice Biennale), exhibitions, festivals, conferences and publications on culture. Until 2009 he was publication consultant of HIGHLIGHTS Art Magazine and until 2012 director of the Association For The Arts & Culture D.ART.

From 2009 until 2011 he was the general director of the International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens ART-ATHINA. He acted as cultural advisor at the municipality of Filothei-Psychiko and at the SCHWARZ FOUNDATION for the creation of Art Space Pythagorion contemporary art centre in Samos. From 2013 until 2016 he was the general director of FOUGARO in Nafplio. In 2017 he was the project director of the Summer Nostos Festival at the STAVROS NIARCHOS FOUNDATION CULTURAL CENTRE.  He is director of the contemporary art collection FKPCOLLECTION and senior advisor of Schwarz Foundation.

He is editor (art market and cultural economics) at THE ART NEWSPAPER GREECE. 
He gives lectures and seminars on Arts Policy & Management and participates in conferences on Creative & Cultural Economy.

Country: Greece