Andras Bozan Bodrogi (HU/UK)

Rights Management and Monetization Specialist - Τhe state51 Conspiracy

Andras Bozan Bodrogi worked on various fields of the music industry (EMI Virgin Records, Music Export Hungary, WM Music Distribution, A38 Ship…) as new media and marketing, project manager, gained expertise in digital music business and online communication, helping labels and artists in this challenging era of music content production and online performance, rights management, and monetization.

Currently he is working as a Rights Management and Monetization specialist at The state51 Conspiracy, a London based music company, helping independent labels and artists in rights management and monetization on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. He is an external consultant and expert trainer of Google Hungary, conducting trainings to YouTube partner companies, creative and media agencies, labels, artists, brands, TV formats and independent content creators to reach their goals with audiovisual content.

He works as a tutor/mentor (JUMP – the European Music Market Accelerator, HEMI – The Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation, Sound Czech…), he is also a guest lecturer and trainer of various educational programs, marketing, media, and communication departments of universities, in music related conferences and festivals. With the Budapest based music management school called ‘Almost Famous Music Business School” he developed a long format Masterclass called “Digital Music
Business from A till Z”. He writes and publishes songs under the artist name ‘BoZaN’