Anna Anastasiou (GR)

Best Radio - Radio producer

Anna Anastasiou, born and raised in Athens, has had an unwavering love for music and radio from a young age. As an adult, she combined her literature studies with her love for music and began working as a DJ and producer in 1990. Over the years, she has worked for some of Athens’ biggest radio stations, including Klik FM, Nitro Radio, Up Radio, and Pepper 96.6, among others. However, most of her professional career was spent at Best 92.6, where she worked as a radio producer and DJ.

Anna was also a co-founder of the pioneering internet station Join Radio. Throughout her radio career, she was a resident and guest DJ in various Athens clubs, a music supervisor for multiple TV shows, a TV presenter, and a CD compiler for projects such as “Lilium Butterflies,” “Lilies & Rainbows.”

Currently, Anna hosts the 2-4 afternoon show on Best Radio 92.6, while also running a flower shop in the Athens suburb of Cholargos. With her deep-rooted passion for music and radio, Anna Anastasiou continues to inspire and entertain her listeners, both on the airwaves and in her community.

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Country: Greece