Antonis Villiotis

Founder & CEO - The Hubsters

Antonis Villiotis is the founder of The Hubsters and has been a key figure of the Greek recording industry for more than 32 years. He began as a Ποπ & Ροκ (Pop & Rock magazine) journalist and in the late eighties he found himself taking up executive and top-level roles in different companies -named in chronological order-, i.e. Virgin, Sony Music, Feelgood Entertainment, and Warner Music (Cobalt). Since 2019 he has devoted himself to his own venture, The Hubsters, a ‘label services’ agency with best-in-class partners, including Beggars, BMG, Playground, Believe Sync, PIAS, etc. which has also put together its own portfolio of artists.

In the past he has also worked as a radio producer, music editor at magazines & newspapers, amateur actor, lyric writer participating in the work of a couple of friends, and has also published a novel titled “Ti Esti Verikoko” (2011).

Country: Greece


Day 02 - 23 June 2021
17:46 - 18:40
Δισκογραφικές εταιρείες και DIY