Athina Klimi (GR)

Athina Klimi (GR)

Cobalt Music (Warner Music Greece) - International Repertoire Marketing Assistant

A 25-year-old who still feels like 18! After graduating in political science and completing digital marketing diplomas, she began her career as a journalist but eventually found herself drawn to the music industry. At the age of 21, she started working at Cobalt Music, managing social media and organizing video clips for well-known artists. For the past year and a half, she has been a part of the Warner Music Greece Marketing team, handling social media, radio communications, and digital campaigns. She also works closely with artists’ management for promotional activities in Greece.

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Country: Greece


Day 04 - 1 June 2023
16:30 - 17:30
Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll or Is it Hard work, crazy office hours and social posts?