Fotis Georgiadis (GR)

Beats Pliz (GR)

Music Producer / Film Director

Beats Pliz aka Fotis Georgiadis is one of the most talented and accomplished music producers and film directors of the Greek new era. He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the Greek rap scene (Bloody Hawk, Dani Gambino, Ethismos, Hawk, Lex, Light, Mikros Kleftis, Sadam, Vlospa, Wang etc).
During the period 2022- 2023, Beatz Pliz created the music album “Arte Povera”. He composed original classical music played by symphonic orchestras, in which a few of the most esteemed rappers rapped upon. Meanwhile, he directed “Arte Povera- The Documentary”, a documentary which depicts the whole process of creating the music album.

The outstanding music album released by Minos EMI, a Universal Music Company, peaked in #5 in Spotify’s Top10 Albums Debut Global, while “Arte Povera – The Documentary” was announced as the #1 music documentary in the Greek box office -in less than a month.

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Country: Greece