Christian Drewicke (DE)

Christian Drewicke (DE)

Founder of HipHop4Hope Athens

Christian Drewicke is a passionate advocate for the power of hip-hop culture in transforming the lives of disadvantaged youth. As the founder of HipHop4Hope Athens, his vision and dedication have led to the establishment of a project aimed at promoting the well-being and personal development of young individuals through the positive influence of hip-hop culture. 

With a background in sociology and political science, Christian has worked on numerous projects such as Dialogue makes School, BrainBox, and the Tapestry Project, all of which promote political education, integration, human rights, and youth development. 

He founded the Street Dance Festival “Guidance – movement connects” in Hannover, Germany, to actively contribute to the city’s cultural life and provide a platform for exchange within the street dance community. Furthermore, Christian has been an active participant in the dance scene for numerous years, engaging in performances, teaching, and producing shows. 

Christian Drewicke’s work with HipHop4Hope Athens and the Street Dance Festival demonstrates his strong belief in the potential of hip-hop culture to inspire personal growth, empower marginalized communities, and advocate for multicultural coexistence to create inclusive societies. 

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Country: Germany