Claudio Vittori

Co-Founder - Flower of Sound

I am an Italian composer and sound designer with more than a decade of experience in the creation and development of sonic strategies and sound identities for brands (ie Samsung, Ferrari, Whirlpool, Dolce & Gabbana), Xr experiences and cultural events.

In the last 3 years I have attended VR AR and audio courses, then I started composing soundtracks, sound fx, fooley, for augmented and immersive experiences. I have always worked internationally.

I have more than 200 original published music, soundtracks, video games, theatrical events, record albums, works in spatialized audio formats. I collaborate with university research centers, deepening the study on new sound spatialization techniques and the growing link with the world of sensors and IoT objects (internet of things). I am a student of neuroscience and particularly attracted to the influence of sound in areas of the brain aimed at regulating communication, language and human emotional states.

Links: Machine Jockey & Flower of Sound

Country: Italy