Dimitra Galani (GR)

Artist / Composer

Dimitra Galani is a special presence in the evolution of our contemporary music culture in the last decades, both in terms of her performance and creativity. An artist who knows how to enchant with the uniqueness and beauty of her voice, but also with the various expressions of her creativity, compositional and otherwise, covering a wide musical range, from our traditional and folk songs, through the main genre of art poetic singing to the contemporary musical trends of our time – generating and provoking creative collaborations that bring her to the forefront.
In her long career, Dimitra has collaborated with leading composers, having given her voice to the words of our most important poets and lyricists. We meet her at pivotal moments in our musical history where her interpretation completes important works signed by Hatzidakis, Tsitsanis, Theodorakis, Loizos, etc. while she also collaborates with all the musical creators of her generation and makes special international collaborations.
Open to all contemporary musical trends, Dimitra Galani “guides” as a producer younger songwriters or collaborates closely with young musicians from “scenes” such as electronica, wider rock, jazz, etc.

A recent example of her work in this direction is the “Chronos Project”, which in collaboration with distinguished jazz soloists/creators, moves in multi-stylistic/multi-musical and timeless ways.

Country: Greece