Dimitris Moisiadis (GR)

Dimitris Moisiadis (GR)

Co-creator, Football Stories TV / Podcaster

Dimitris Moisiadis is 30 years old and grew up in Thessaloniki. From a young age he was in love with football and everything around it, taking advantage of his free time to learn stories about the sport. He studied at the Merchant Navy Academy but soon managed to find his way into football as one of the creators of Football Stories. With this endeavour, he travelled around the world, watching some of the biggest derbies on the planet and exploring some of the most special stories. In recent months he has been working with Sport24, including creating his own podcast called Jogo Bonito, the beautiful game, a name that fully reflects his perspective around the sport. Through this podcast, he wants to narrate his experiences, his thoughts or even his concerns, in the hope of contributing to a better future.

Country: Greece


Day 02 - 23 May 2024
15:45 - 16:45
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