George Deligiannis (GR)

Music Technology and Acoustics Engineer / Mixing and Mastering Engineer / SAE Athens Lecturer

George Deligiannis is a Music Technology and Acoustics Engineer born and based in Athens. He is the Coordinator of Electronic Music Production Certificate and Lecturer in Audio Production BA/BSc in SAE Creative Media College of Athens. He also is the manager and chief engineer of mixing and mastering studio and music producer of various electronic music styles under the aliases of Cydelix and Atypikal. As a producer, he has been on major labels since the late 90’s releasing his music ideas and has participated in various music festivals around the globe. He approaches his compositions by combining electronic and acoustic ethnic instruments as he also plays Politiki Lyra and Armenian Duduk. He has also professionally worked for National Greek Radio/Television Organization – ERT as an audio engineer, video editor/mixer and building acoustics consultant. His main goal in art is to continually expand his knowledge horizons under a combination of tools and techniques taken from past and present and deliver sonic results full of character and personal taste. 

Country: Greece