Georgina Ntoutsi (GR)

Georgina Ntoutsi (GR)

Culture Editor-in-Chief - DPG Digital Media

In 2000 I did my first steps in the world of media, through the sports website “”.

In 2003 I start my collaboration as a cultural editor with the weekly magazine “Time Out Athens”. 

From 2005 and for several years, I worked at the Lambraki Press Organization as a cultural editor (music, books) at

In 2018 I worked as a cultural editor and then Editor-in-Chief at as well as an external collaborator of the website

At the same time, I have collaborated with Christos Vassilopoulos’ “Time Machine” as an interview manager in the cultural section of Podstories (Podcasts). 

Also, from 2019 I am the PR Manager of Hoodgroove, a company that promotes artists of Hip Hop music and Street Art culture. In the same year -and for two years’ time- I was a radio producer on the web radio “alma radio”. 

From 2021 I work as a culture editor at DPG Digital Media. 

Country: Greece