Giorgos Mouchtaridis

Program Director, Radio Producer - Pepper 96.6

I was born in Athens. I completed my Bachelor’s degree course in Tourism Business Studies. I have written articles for music and musicians, taken interviews and presented album reviews on the following magazines: Ήχος & Hi fi (Ichos & Hi fi), Επτάμισι (Eptamisi), Εικόνες (Ikones), Επτά της Κυριακάτικης Ελευθεροτυπίας (Epta magazine of Kyriakatiki Eleftherotypia).

Besides pursuing a journalism career, I worked for various radio music-themed stations, including the 4th program, Pop fm, Rythmos, Kosmos 93.6, whereas, over the past decade, I have been broadcasting daily from Pepper 96.6. Apart from hosting a daily show from 10am to 12pm, I’ve also served and been serving as managing director on Kosmos 93.6 and Pepper 96.6 for eight (2003-2011) and ten (2011-to date) years, respectively. As far as the latter goes, I’m proud to be the one who came up with the idea of its creation literally from scratch. Recently, I started a series of podcasts for LIFO magazine titled “Meres Radiofonou” (Radio Days) where I play host to the most famous and beloved radio voices of the Greek radio broadcasting industry!

Country: Greece