Hannes Tschurtz (AT)

CEO Ink Music

Hannes Tschürtz is the founder of Ink Music in Vienna, a company that has been a successful label and publishing house for 20+ years now, and focuses on artist and career development. For its artists and work it won numerous national and international awards. Hannes is a dedicated speaker, i.e. at industry events, but also helped creating different educational and training programmes for music professionals(-to-be) at home and abroad. Holds seats on the board of Austrias IFPI chapter and represents the independent labels in the Austrian Music Fund. He always aims to take a look at the bigger picture of things and writes creative culture-related articles for magazines and papers. Besides, he is the co-owner of a ticketing start-up (NTRY Ticketing), occasionally gets furious on Twitter, and loves dogs.

Country: Austria