Idra Kayne (GR)

Idra Kayne (GR)

Singer. songwriter, actor

Daughter of a Ugandan father and a Greek mother – was born and raised in Greece. She has studied dance for 15 years and technical voice placement at the Vocal Art Academy and has taken acting lessons at the Theatro ton Allagon. Since 2000 she has performed at various well known nightclubs of Athens. Her first album “Don’t walk away” was released worldwide on December 2011 and her second album MicDrop” in November 2017. She has been working as a professional actress since 2011, participating in numerous theatre productions, tv series and movies. Idra has collaborated with various Greek artists since 2010 (Giorgos Dalaras, Yannis Kotsiras, Lavrentis Maheristas, Fivos Delivorias, Helena Paparizou,
Panos Mouzourakis, Zak Stefanou) and has acted as a supponting act for international artists such as Hannah Williams, The Heavy and Incognito.

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Country: Greece


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