Johanna ”JoJo” von Hertzen (FI)

JoJo “Johanna” von Hertzen (FI)

Founder & Artist - Deep Heart Beats

JoJo “Johanna” von Hertzen is a Finnish singer, songwriter, music influencer and a co-founder of the music company called Deep Heart Beats. Her experience in the music industry is more diverse than only her own music career; she also has a wide range of experience of working in other sectors of music field as well. She has been working with musicians, in music festivals and producing events and video productions in Finland and abroad. Her previous company founded one of the first live streaming platforms in Finland. In 2022 she was Invited by Music Finland to speak and to join networking activities at Sonar Festival and in Sonar+D in Barcelona. Networking immediately paid off and soon JoJo was working with Basque Music as their local producer for Bite Basque Beat -festival concert in Finland. In recent years she has been visited in Finnish music schools as a speaker and as a personal mentor. JoJo’s passion is continuously learning and developing her skills to create new services to musicians. Currently JoJo is studying music therapy and her goal is to create new business possibilities as an Artist mentor.

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Country: Finland