Music Curator, Radio Producer, Historian - KAFKA takes notes

Kafka (Katerina Kafentzi) is a music broadcaster, a journalist & a historian. For many years she has been doing a mixed bag of work, combining seminars & workshops on media and creativity. For the past 25 years, she has been heavily involved in almost every aspect of music supervision, from radio shows to TV series, documentaries on music, commercial ads, fashion shows, art installations, the Olympic Games ‘Athens 2004’. She has also provided a highly curated selection of songs to various films that have been selected for competitive screening at film festivals around the world. She had been the program director of En Lefko and she was appointed as Assistant General Manager of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation, ERT S.A., overseeing 25  radio stations. She currently operates as an artist manager in the US, a community music manager focused mainly on the creation of podcasts within various, well-known social and environmental organizations in the U.S. and in Greece and she’s a music industry keynote speaker for different institutions and university events around the world. At this moment she’s working as a senior researcher for two music documentaries in the U.S. Also, for the past 6 years, she’s very much involved in the Greek demotic music tradition on various projects together with her collaborator, the American Grammy awarded producer, Christopher C. King.

Country: Greece