Konstantinos Dedes (GR)

Chairman of the Board – Technopolis City of Athens

Konstantinos Dedes comes from Kapandriti and is a permanent resident of Thiseio. He studied Dental Surgery and, in 2002, started his practice in Oropos, while quite later, he created the Golden Smile dental clinic in Kifissia! An active member of the Athens Dental Association, he has participated in dozens of seminars and workshops in all areas of dentistry. His dedication quickly made him stand out in his field, becoming thus the man behind many famous smiles. He has been the dentist responsible for the dental transformations of the participants on the Ant1 TV show Yfsf and, in recent years, has appeared on various TV shows about cosmetic dentistry. In addition, he loves the arts, travelling and living downtown! Since November 2019, he has been the President of Technopolis City of Athens, implementing a policy of openness and participating in the cultural reset of the Municipality. But what made him want to be involved in the Municipality’s public affairs? “I’m tired of listening to people saying this cannot be done”, he states.

Country: Greece