Lambros Fisfis

Comedian, Script Writer, Corporate trainer

Lampros Fisfis was born in 1983 in Athens. He has been working as a stand up comedian since 2008. He started his career abroad, in the Netherlands and the UK, where he lived for 4 years giving performances at some of the most popular comedy clubs (Comedy Café), theatres (De La Mar Theater) and festivals (Edinburgh Fringe Festival). In Greece, he has presented 3 comedic monologues [Na enas sofos (Here is a wise man), Des to thetiko (Look on the bright side), Na to fos (Here is the light)] on the stage of various theatres including “Acropol” and “Vempo” as well as during tours throughout Greece and abroad.

As far as his career in theater is concerned, he wrote and starred in the comedy plays “Ti zoume (What are we going through)” and “Tailor made Comedy” which were performed at the “Vempo” and “Zina” theatres, respectively. He is the scriptwriter of MEGA’s TV series “Kapse to senario (Burn the Script)” and host of the “Night Stories” talk show (COSMOTE TV). He has created 2 podcasts titled “Comedy Talk” and “Parakalo Ypodechtite” (Please welcome). He currently serves as artistic director of Athens Comedy Festival.


Country: Greece