Liis Linn (EE)

Communications and Event Manager - Startup Wise Guys

Liis has been actively part of the startup world for more than 4 years now. It all started with different ecosystem events and hackathons around the world, pitching competitions and digital initiatives. Since 2020, she’s has managed accelerators programs (Sustainability, SaaS and Cyber) in Startup Wise Guys and has recently become responsible for SWG’s PR activities and events globally.  

Despite the public sector and startup world background (or thanks to that), she has actively participated in the cultural and music scene as an artist liaison in Viljandi Folk Music Festival (since 2007), an intern in Apollo Music Denmark, in Mains Dóeuvres France and also been finishing the first-ever Music Management Mastercours by Estonian Music Development Center. Also, she has been advising the Ministry of Culture in Estonia on European Union topics (would it be Creative Europe or any other relevant projects) and been part of the Estonian Presidency team to the European Council.  

Liis has a background in both the public and private sectors and can therefore recognise (idea/business) potential when she sees one. 

Country: Estonia