Manos Kefalas (GR)

PostScriptum Associate / Founder and President of wikiculture GR

Manos Kefalas is founder and president of the Association of Schools of Wikipedia Community in Greece (, adult educator and computer scientist, with studies in the Physics Department of the University of Athens.

He has developed and implemented the teaching of writing on Wikipedia as a pedagogical tool in the standards of 21st century education in a wide educational spectrum, in special education and he is a  world first in primary education. He also collaborates on a permanent basis with PostScriptum as a Wikipedia in Residency & Wikipedia Instructor in diverse crowdsourcing & community development projects.

He has designed and implemented telemetric and military correspondence systems. Today, he trains non-visually impaired people in computing, having designed and operated a remote computing laboratory, claiming world leadership, and having developed applications that improve accessibility for visually impaired people to use computers.

Country: Greece