Marcelo Garibotto

Marcelo Garibotto (FI/AUS)

Director, Founder - VIA Music Group

Marcelo Garibotto – Owner VIA Music Group

VIA Music Group is a leading international music company based in Australia, founded by Marcelo Garibotto in 2010. With partners in the USA, UK, Canada, and Europe, the company has grown to represent a roster of talented artists and maintain connections in some of the largest music markets around the world.

At VIA, we aim to support and assist exceptional artists in their musical journey. We work to connect the right teams with the right artists in the right territories, utilizing bespoke strategies tailored to each artist’s needs and capabilities. Our goal is to find the right publicist, label, publisher, producer, writer, tour manager, and booking agent to help our artists grow and reach their full potential. We consider ourselves a family, working together and focusing on our objectives as a collective.