Marie Fol

Project Manager - Keychange

Marie Fol is a freelance advisor and cultural manager based in Amsterdam, NL. An advocate for international cultural collaboration, Marie is involved in many European initiatives supporting the mobility of artists and culture professionals facing obstacles to their mobility. After a long engagement with DutchCulture, Centre for International Cooperation and TransArtists, she has developed and implemented the communication and dissemination strategies of the European Dancehouse Network (2019-2020). Since 2019, Marie works as project manager for Keychange, a global network and movement working towards gender equality in the music industry. 

Marie is the President of On theMove, the international network dedicated to cultural mobility, and regularly contributes to its research activities, including the i-Portunus operational study (2019), and the updating of mobility funding guides. She is currently preparing the first edition of a mobility funding guide dedicated to digital arts, as well as a Mapping Study and Report on mobility and collaboration funding for NDPC and EUNIC and a research paper on virtualisation in contemporary dance for the European Dancehouse Network.Since 2021, Marie provides strategic advice and support to the development of Arts Infopoint UK, an initiative dedicated to inbound UK mobility post-Brexit.

Country: France