Marios Strofalis

Music Composer - Soundtracks for Films, Plays and Television

Marios Strofalis is an award-winning composer of soundtrack music for films, plays and television with a vast discography to his name. In 1993 he composed the first score of his career for the short film “River”. Since then he has composed original music for numerous films (The golden apples of Esperides, Back Door, The bravemen of Samothrace, Marriage list, To love me, Biloba, etc.), TV shows (The 10th Commandment, Black Midnight, 3rd Law, Like homemade spoon sweets, Thou shalt not kill, etc.), theater productions (Αmlet, Bug, Rachel, Rottweiler, Kiev, The no name myth, etc.), and musical cabarets (Berlin-Paris, A suspicion on Stage, gare des reves etc.).

He has composed many songs and loads of music of which his tango compositions have brought him worldwide fame. Among the artists who have performed songs of his are the following: G. Dalaras, D. Galani, Chr. Thivaios, V. Lekkas, T. Tsanaklidou, D. Tsaknis, M. Kana, G. Koutras, R. Antonopoulou, D. Poulikakos, A. Moutsatsou, E. Toumpaki, etc.

As a composer and solo piano artist, he has given numerous recitals, presenting mostly his compositions for small ensembles. His main quartet (comprised of violin, violoncello, accordion and piano) celebrates this year its 18th anniversary of continuous artistic presence.

Country: Greece