Marios Vlachos (GR)

Business Training Strategist - Found.ation

Marios Vlachos is the Business Training Strategist at Found.ation. He has studied Telecommunication Systems and Networks at the University of Applied Science of Western Greece and Psychodrama at the Hellenic Association of Group Analysis and Psychotherapy. 

His career began at OTEAcademy (OTE group – Deutsche Telekom), where he discovered corporate education. He has since designed, delivered, and facilitated training programmes to help individuals and businesses adopt a growth mindset and conduct business differently. 

Over the last half-decade, he has given numerous workshops and presentations to a wide range of organisations on the topics of Customer Experience, Design Thinking, Self-Management, and Interpersonal Skills. He is a National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance Trainer for Adults and a CXPA Customer Experience Professional.