Monsieur Minimal

Artist, Composer, Label - Mo.Mi.Records

Counting 6 albums [2008 Lollipop, 2010 Pasta Flora, 2012 Minimal to Maximal, 2015 High Times, 2017 Εrotica, and 2020 Easteria], glowing reviews, a host of live shows in Greece and abroad (London, Paris, Berlin, and Αrte Channel), participations in musical collections produced abroad (USA, Canada, France, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey, Poland), background scores for television spots and commercials in Greece, USA and Canada, collaborations with distinguished Greek and foreign artists [including Dimitra Galani for his studio album Πάστα Φλώρα (Pasta Flora), as well as Dakis, Andriana Babali and Marina Satti for his album Erotica, and an opening act at a Moby’s concert in 2011] as well as a long-standing presence in music playlists played by radio and TV shows, Μοnsieur Minimal has achieved over the last 13 years a well-deserved recognition for his music which in turn has earned him the title of indie/pop aesthete.

Country: Greece