Nikos Karantanos (GR)

Music Producer / Dj

Nikos Karantanos was born in Athens, Greece in the early 80’s. Fastly he got interested in music and started having guitar and some piano lessons too. In the early 90’s he got mesmerised by the sound of electronic music and in the mid of the same decade he started his first experimentation on electronic music production. It was nearly before the millennium when he had his first original tracks finished and after that he achieved to create his signature sound in Trance music under some different aliases and making his own catalogue in discography. Through the years Nick evolved in composing and producing mostly electronic dance music and also worked for some Record labels as an A&R, ghost producer and also as an advisor. His passion for djing and his record collection gave Nick the opportunity to present and share his thoughts through his beloved art of music at many local parties. Recently he’s part of the duo Atypikal, collaborating with George Deligiannis, following a fresh direction of experimental techno, ambient and drone music. Along with his good friend and music partner, George, they perform live electronics nowadays and they are fully pleased with their new experiences of improvisation.

Country: Greece