Nikos Nikolakopoulos

Radio Programme Consultant for the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation

I’ve been working in radio broadcasting for 32 years now, since 1989. It all began as a hobby with a group of friends in a small radio station called Studio 10 102.2 FM in 1989. Since then, I’ve been working non-stop in the radio industry and I’ve taken up positions of responsibilty in different radios offering entertaining music-oriented content.

1996 – 2008: Program director in Imako’s radio stations, i.e. Nitro -Sfera – Derti. 2008 – 2015: Started Freedom radio station under Skai Group ownership & served as managing director on Melodia and Red. 2015-2017: Created Ellinikos radio station under Real Media Group ownership. 2017-2020: Created Mousikos radio station under Politis Group ownership, while working as managing director for Sfera which had been taken over by Politis group.

All these years I’ve also been involved in the recording industry, specifically in record production, remixing, and curation of live music performances by famous artists, whereas in the beginning of my career I worked as a DJ playing shows in various clubs in Athens and other Greek cities.

At the moment I work as a consultant for radio stations owned and operated by ERT, the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation.

Country: Greece